About Us.


I LUV MFG® is a national movement with global impact, committed to exposing innovative individuals and bold entrepreneurs to the hidden opportunities in the U.S. by inspiring, founding, and co-founding 1,000 MFG businesses, which net over $1Million annually by 2029.



We are a collection of abundance-minded, forward-thinking, Manufacturing professionals working together to advance Manufacturing Technologies and raise awareness about the staggering opportunities in the Modern Manufacturing Markets.

As industry insiders, we have a “front-row” understanding of its importance and global impact. We believe modern Manufacturing skills are true lifelong assets, vital to any prospering economy – especially to the United States.

We recognize the unfortunate lack of knowledge and interest for Manufacturing from young talent entering the job market; as well as, entrepreneurs and business start-ups...

I LUV MFG® is doing something about it. 


Our purpose is to rebrand Manufacturing as cool again.

Our purpose is to reposition the United States as the world’s Manufacturing leader again.

And our purpose is to make a positive global impact through Manufacturing.


If you’re a talented, working individual or a bold entrepreneur still on the lookout for the Next Big Thing, look no further. We promote successful modern employment and entrepreneurship through Physical Technologies and Manufacturing.

Join the I LUV MFG® movement today to become an insider of the $1Billion Network, and let’s change the world together.