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MFG's Not Dead.

If you had known 30 years ago the success of companies like Microsoft or Apple, Inc. – wouldn’t you invest every available dollar into purchasing their shares? 

A $1,000 investment in Apple in 1980, would be worth $229,000 today.

A $1,000 investment in Microsoft in 1987, would be worth $547,000 today! 

... I know I would! 

We could sit here all day imagining what could have been, or we can shift gears and consider what will be. There isn’t much we can do about the past, but what if I told you that I know the Next Big Thing? An innovative, unknown industry on the brink of future Exponential Growth? 

Wouldn’t you be interested in learning more? 

... I know I would! 

The first step to this secret, is to realize the great importance of this industry, and to understand common misconceptions that help keep this industry "in the dark". 


The Importance of Manufacturing: 

The Industrial Manufacturing Revolution of the 1800’s was arguably the best thing to happen to the United States since, well… the United States. 

This period brought much economic growth and stability to the young country; as well as, educated the citizens on how to sustain themselves and how to provide value to their society.  

But then something happened… 

The corporate structure of the country changed from local businesses, into “growth by acquisition”.  Pair that with the rising age of computing technology, and it’s no stretch that the outsourcing of most traditional trade-jobs went overseas. 

The U.S. trained and educated outside countries the required skills, creating incredible growth and possibility for them, consequently pushing for higher education and corporate positions within its own borders.  

This leads us to the modern-day climate of this country... 

College education, corporate positions, and software development are heavily promoted; whereas, the trades are completely ignored by society. Companies are now required to import most of their engineering and manufacturing work from overseas. 

The United States’ economy is completely dependent on other countries to produce everything for us… Because our people lack the skills! 

We are not teaching our society how to build, construct, or create anything. We have a genuine shortage of people who can work with their hands, and turn ideas into reality.  

Who will manufacture our future technology? Off-Earth technologies? Additive 3D Printing technologies? Transportation technologies? Protection technologies? etc. How can we sustain a prospering U.S. economy without Manufacturing? 


The truth is, Manufacturing is critical to our civilization. 

Manufacturing touches everything we do, have, and need. 

We must re-shore Manufacturing back to the U.S. to 'Move, Feed, and Guard'™ our country. 


That is the purpose of the I LUV MFG® movement!

To help young, forward-minded entrepreneurs recognize the incredible opportunities in Modern Manufacturing. We believe Modern Manufacturing skills are true lifelong assets, and promote Modern Entrepreneurship through Physical Technologies.


Let’s rebrand Manufacturing as Cool again. 

Let’s reposition the United States as the World Leader in Manufacturing again. 

And let’s make a Positive Global Impact through Manufacturing. 

So go ahead – Discover Manufacturing for Yourself.


Discovering MFG.