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Move. Feed. Guard.

The World.


What is MFG?

Traditionally MFG = Manufacturing

We believe MFG goes beyond a simple abbreviation, and represents

Moving, Feeding, and Guarding™ the World.






MFG Modern Entrepreneurs.

Welcome to I LUV MFG®

An entire movement dedicated to helping YOU win in MFG.


Are you a Modern Entrepreneur on the lookout for the Next Big Thing?

Are you a Manufacturing Specialist ready to Scale your Influence and Expertise? 

Or are you a Hard-Working Individual on the hunt for that hidden Opportunity?


I LUV MFG® is a national movement with global impact, committed to exposing innovative individuals and bold entrepreneurs to the hidden opportunities in the U.S. by inspiring, founding, and co-founding 1,000 MFG businesses, which net over $1Million annually by 2029.



Do You Want To Win?

Do You Want The People Around You To Win?

Do Your Daily Actions Correspond With Winning?


If you answered YES to any of these questions – You're the type of person we want to work with.

And we have an exclusive offer, just for you.


We want to gift you a copy of our newest book, MFG Millionaires

Learn how to exponentially scale Yourself, your Business, and your Impact.



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Create Your Own Intentional Freedom.

Become a part of our $1Billion Movement.


We're MFG


Winning Is For Everyone.

Everybody wants to win... But most don't.


We are a collection of abundance-minded, forward-thinking, Manufacturing professionals working together to advance Manufacturing Technologies and raise awareness about the Modern Manufacturing Markets. 


But More Importantly,

We Teach People How To Win.


To do so, we took the amazing concepts of Precision Manufacturing that generated exponential results for our companies, and repackaged them into a format that we can implement in every aspect of our daily lives.

We took decades-worth of Manufacturing Experience & Lessons, and created a proven teachable Framework that's equally valid in industry, as in every aspect of our daily lives.  


We call this framework lvn|kzn™ ("livin' kaizen").

lvn|kzn™ expands upon the traditional principles of Continuous Improvement, bringing forth a revolutionary new standard for exponential growth.


I LUV MFG® is the 'mouthpiece' platform for the lvn|kzn™ framework.


We Created It to Help Everyday-People Succeed Everyday.

We Created It To Help You Win.


Explore how lvn|kzn can help you win.


Process Hacking™

The Art & Science of winning.

Defining The Process.

As cliché as it may sound, we believe that with the correct mindset, anyone and everyone has the ability to win in the United States. We may not all come from the same circumstances, but we all share the same opportunities. That's the beauty of Entrepreneurship and the Free-Enterprise System.


We all share the same opportunities because we are all a part of the same Process.


Whether it's the Manufacturing Process, the Economic Process, or even the Human Process; Our life is consisted of a sequence of processes we automatically participate in. 


We define The Process as the intermediate operations required to turn a RAW potential into a finished product, good, or service. The Process defines every economy: personal, national, and global. 


As Manufacturing Experts, we've learned early-on that the only way to Win in Modern Manufacturing is to systemize the process of Manufacturing. We've also realized that the only way to Win in our daily lives, is to systemize and automate certain aspects of our life.


Manufacturing Is A Process.

Winning Is A Process.

If we can 'hack' the concept of Process, then we can 'hack' the process of Winning.


A Process Hacker™ recognizes how to scale and leverage the economy relative to themselves. 

A Process Hacker™ recognizes their place in The Process, and knows how to win.


Are You Ready To Win?



First, you need to ask yourself 3 honest questions...

Do You Want To Win?

Do You Want The People Around You To Win?

Do Your Daily Actions Correspond With Winning?

Become a Process Hacker™ Today to learn how to Hack Your Own Life.

MFG your Plan, your Story, and your Life.


Generalist    |    Specialist 

The Key To Winning.

You're An Economic Machine™. 

We define Successful Entrepreneurship as the result of becoming a Specialist. If a Generalist is a person competent in several different fields or activities, then a Specialist is a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field. 

Moreover, a Specialist is an individual that understands The Process, and can insert themselves into the Value Stream as an Expert. A Specialist has the ability to add value to that specific Marketplace, and request value in return. 


Going From A Generalist To A Specialist Is The KEY To Winning In The Free-Enterprise System.


The I LUV MFG™ framework helps Entrepreneurs understand their position in The Process, and ultimately get payed by Process Hacking™ their workflow and becoming a Specialist in their lane.


Are You A Generalist Or A Specialist? Take Our Quiz To Find Out!


Do You Want To Win?

Do You Want The People Around You To Win?

Do Your Daily Actions Correspond With Winning?

Become a Specialist Today to learn how to Hack Your Own Life.

MFG your Plan, your Story, and your Life.


Making MFG Sexy Again.

Manufacturing is the Next Big Thing!

We are living during the most extraordinary time ever in human history. Entrepreneurs are going to create more wealth for themselves and society over the next decade than we did during the entire 20th century.


That's the promise of Exponential Technologies.

And Exponential Technologies Require Exponential Specialists.


Which is why we believe Modern Manufacturing skills are true lifelong assets, vital to any prospering economy.

There are two ways you can participate in this thriving industry: Either you're already a Manufacturing Expert on the lookout for new opportunities, or you're new to the Industry and would like to discover more.


Please select the path that best describes you.


Welcome To Our Blog.