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As industry insiders, we have a “front-row” understanding of the importance and global impact of Manufacturing. We understand that Modern Manufacturing skills are true lifelong assets, vital to any prospering economy – especially to the United States.

As Manufacturing Experts, we also are the first to recognize the unfortunate lack of knowledge and interest for Manufacturing from young talent entering the job market; as well as, entrepreneurs and business start-ups – and we would like to change that together!


But often, before we can attest to the incredible opportunities in Manufacturing, we need to learn how to take advantage of such opportunities ourselves...

Learn how to win in Manufacturing. 


I LUV MFG® is dedicated to growing new and seasoned entrepreneurs by inspiring, founding, and co-founding 1,000 new manufacturing companies by 2029.

That means that we're helping 1,000 Manufacturing Experts become Millionaires, and advance the U.S. economy by producing a total of $1Billion in new revenue by 2029. 


Why shouldn't you be one of them?

Work with our team to Start and Scale your new businesses.

Work with our team to Increase the Bottom-Line and Scale your existing business.

Work with our team to introduce Systemization and Automation to your business – exponentially Increasing Efficiency and Overall Profits.


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